Let The Story Begin...



Tom Riddell grew up in a small little town south of Syracuse New York called Nedrow. He developed a taste for writing at a very young age. While he was in the first grade at Rockwell Elementary, and as the nation was first gripping the excitement of human space flight when John Glenn rode a rocket into space, Tom wrote The First Boy On The Moon.

As Tom grew older, he became more and more fascinated with ghost stories and he began to write spooky tales to fulfill his English class writing assignments. In seventh grade Tom's English teacher, Mr Littlefield, persuaded Tom to let him read a ghost story, he had just written, to the class. The name of the story was In The Halls Of The School. The class loved it and Tom received an A+ on his work. As life went on for Tom his writing ambitions were pushed to the side in favor of other interests. It wasn't until 2006 that an idea sparked him to write again- but this time it wouldn't be about space flights and ghosts- it would be a story about some very "dark days" that he experienced in the early 90's. In 2009, a memoir Pieces Of My Path was published. 

Tom is currently working on a novel: Dream Delirium- A Mars Connection which is scheduled to be published in 2012. *Visit the "Books" link in the menu for more information on Tom's books. Tom is also a member of the Minnesota Paranormal Investigators and enjoys investigating any alleged reports of anything out of the realm of "normal". Tom Riddell lives in Maplewood, Minnesota with his two cats Patches and Pixie.